I have been a member of the Edmonton Petroleum Club since 1990. The primary reason I joined was to gain access to clubs in other cities, particularly Calgary, where my clients had offices. Once a member, I started using the Club for staff meetings and company social functions. Personally, my wife and I have always enjoyed special functions at the Club, particularly New Year?s Eve. Also, we have used it for special personal functions like birthdays and years ago, our 25thanniversary family party. For a few years we also took ballroom dance lessons at the Club, however, the two left feet have not been overcome. After being a member for a few years, I joined the Board and served for several years including being a Club President. It is sad to see the old building going as we have an attachment to it but, having served on the Board, I understand the financial consequences of continuing to use it.?

David E. Wright #1100

I believe it was 1956 when I joined the EPC. In those days there were a lot of head offices in Edmonton so it was a part of doing business to take customers to lunch. We also did a lot of entertaining with customers & wives, as a result they became friends not just business assoc.

We used to have as many as 6 busses to take us to football & hockey games after an early supper or brunch, great camradery. We also had many special functions such as annual golf tournament, Klondike days, gin rummy tournaments, auction sales and usually Saturday live music & dancing.

All of this led to forming many long term friendships as well as promoting your own particular interests

I believe I was president 1976. In1982 they had a problem with the general manager so I was recruited to be interim mgr. supposedly for 3 months, but by the time we found a replacement my term ended up being 6 months

The position was offered to me but I told the board I knew my limits & they needed a man that knew the food industry.

I have been associated with the club for 58 years- my original club # was 606 but a motion was passed that all past presidents were given honorary memberships in honour of past servic e- hence my new club # is 05

I still use the club whenever possible & enjoy talking to the staff some I have known over 40 years  All in all its a great experience & wouldn't trade all those memories.  I hope something can be worked out so that  Fellowship like we had can be continued.

Carl D Guthrie #05

I have been a member of EPC for some 20 years approx. The EPC offered for me an ideal place to conduct business over lunch and dinner,  it was quiet-professional d├ęcor-well located with an abundance of parking-excellent menu-professional staff-comfortable furniture. While I am not in mind nor body an, elitist or  bigot of any kind the class of EPC members always to me appeared and acted as being professional, kind, and at home. Several times I took advantage of being able to book private function facilities for both family and business. I found EPC  an excellent facility in which to make these events successful and enjoyable. The best memory I will have about EPC it was respectfully quiet and professional-no baseball hats and sunglasses.?

Fred Dornan Member # 542