To read the Edmonton Journal's May 30th, 2018 interview with EPC President Anthony Nelson with regards to the demolition of the old EPC site and the future of the Club click on the link below:




Edmonton, AB, March 1st, 2018 – Edmonton Petroleum Club (EPC) is announcing the sale of the Petroleum Club land and building located on 11110 108 Street to Daytona Homes. 

“We are thrilled to make this announcement and look forward to building a future club with a fresh and modern vision of what it means to be a private club in Edmonton.”

  • Anthony Nelson, Club President.

The Edmonton Petroleum Club closed operations out of the building on December 31st, 2014 and has since held Member Events around a number of private facilities in Edmonton.  With the closure of the land and building sale, EPC will now consider all options available for a space to call home.

“At this point all options are on the table.  We will be looking at possible partnerships with other businesses or organizations in the city as well as available space in the downtown core.  All major Canadian cities have at least one private club.  We believe there is a market for a downtown private social club in Edmonton if we can present the right offering to our current members and potential future members.  Finding that right offering is now our challenge.”

  • Adam Guiney, Club Vice-President.

After the oil boom of the early fifties, the Edmonton Petroleum Club first opened its doors in 1958.  Prior to that, the EPC held events for Members around the City.  The Club was always a social gathering facility with fine dining and special events held on weekends and evenings.  While private social clubs have dwindled over the years across North America, there are a number of examples of Canadian Private Clubs which are thriving in the downtown cores. 

“Private Social Clubs are not dead.  They have to evolve to meet today’s expectations.  We envision a modern and interactive facility for Professionals from all walks of life.  Casual dining, business center and possibly even an upscale fitness facility are among the amenities we plan to offer with Membership.  Ultimately, we see this as an opportunity to start something new; creating a space where Members are comfortable and can build relationships that go beyond just business.  It is going to be a busy and exciting year.  We will keep you posted”

  • Jane McDade, Club Secretary / Treasurer

Any additional inquiries about the sale should contact:

Anthony Nelson 780-483-3436